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Track Record

Track Record


With the depth and breadth of our PPP expertise across public infrastructure and utilities’ PPP projects life cycle, CDA Consulting has consulted, advised, provided technical assistance and built the capacity of a wide array of top senior officials from governments, infrastructure agencies and public utilities.

Thus, our client organizations include, amongst others: Presidents and Vice Presidents’ Offices, Prime Ministers’ Offices, Government Ministries, Central Banks,  Public Water and Electricity Utilities, Electricity and Water Supply Asset Holding Companies, Transportation Agencies : National transportation Agencies, including Roads and Highways Authorities, Roads Maintenance & Roads Fund Boards, Ports Authorities; Infrastructure Development Agencies, PPP Councils, PPP Units, PPP Contracting Authorities, PPP Nodes, Heads of PIUs and Project Management Teams, Privatizations Agencies, Regulatory Authorities, and various Ministries responsible for Infrastructure, Transport, Energy and Water,  Planning, Finance. and the Economy.

Track Record

Since inception in 2001, CDA (Consolidated Development Advisors) Consulting has carried out high profile assignments, including consulting, advisory and technical assistance services; International, In-country and In-House executive capacity building programmes and technical briefings for Governments, Public Sector Agencies, with some being funded by major international organizations, including the World Bank and other members of the International Development Association (IDA).

The firm is a member of the African Water Association, and an Expert within the Nepad’s Peers Review Mechanism, and of the UK- based Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

Under our Executive Capacity Building services, We have built and developed the capacity of most senior executives, policy and decisions makers from more than 30 countries who have so far attended our executive programmes and technical briefings.

Over and beyond International Executive Programmes, we have delivered in-House and In- Country Executive Programmes and Technical Briefings, for Government Ministries and Public Agencies in various countries , including Benin, Congo DRC, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, amongst others.

The profiles of the participants to our executive programmes and technical briefings include:
Chief Executive Officers, Director Generals , Managing Directors, Board Members, Directors of PPP and PPP Units and their experts, Project and Corporate Planning Managers, Asset Managers, Procurement Managers and Consultants, Finance Directors, Engineers, Financiers, Regulators, Economists & Lawyers, Heads of Technical and Legal Services & their Advisors, Cabinet Ministers and Officials from Ministries of Infrastructure, Transport, Planning, Water and Energy, Finance & Economy. etc…..

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Eng. Peter Njaggah
Director, Technical Services - WASREB

The Programme has equipped me with the adequate skills to steer PPP projects…

Eng. James Gatitu Njuguna
Director, Road Asset & Corridor Management (KenHa)

The Programme met my expectations and I am now more informed on PPP financing .

Hon. Inusah Adbulai Fuseni
(Former) Minister of Roads and Highways, Ghana

The Programme has taught me more than what I thought PPPs were about? –  High end expertise in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)!

Mr Theophile Matondo Mbungu
Director General – Central Bureau of Coordination- Ministry of Finance/Congo DRC

An exceptional PPP programme, heavy, detailed and offering a compact body of PPP Knowledge. – More than Value for Money……

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