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About us

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CDA Consulting is a United Kingdom – based management services practice, specializing in the provision of high end strategic economic development services to Government institutions and their agencies, on infrastructure finance & Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in public infrastructure.

We provide strategic advice, technical assistance; and develop the capacity of decisions and policy makers, on Infrastructure Finance and PPPs; in Energy, transportation, water & sanitation, as well as in the environment & natural resources sectors.

The firm’s key assets are a dedicated team of specialists whose skills, qualities and commitment, have enable us to create value, trust and credibility with both clients and partners. It is this generated value, trust and credibility that remain the backbone of our continuous competitiveness.

Our Mission

CDA’s mission is to develop a highly specialized international practice that provides pragmatic strategic advisory services geared toward bringing innovative solutions necessary, at present, to address the various challenges existing in the path of a sustainable economic development in the emerging countries.

Given the current status of development in emerging countries, policy choices and their implications thereof represent either a threat, or an opportunity towards achieving sustainable economic development. That is why we aim to be the first point of call for our clients, when they are faced with major economic development policy and decision choices, in respect of public infrastructure and utilities services which remain the engine for economic growth and sustainable development.

This goal, which is part of our mission statement, is being achieved through the provision of strategic advice, technical assistance and specialist executive capacity building programmes, and technical briefings on infrastructure finance and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs); in the UK, Africa and Worldwide.


Our multi-disciplinary and multi-sector teams are equipped with the most advanced skills and technical capabilities, which combined with a detailed knowledge of the key issues in developing economies; have enable us to provide objective and realistic and above all, sustainable solutions to our clients.

Our teams are made of specialists in infrastructure and utilities sectors, with unrivalled capabilities in infrastructure policy and institutional reforms, Infrastructure Finance and Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Infrastructure/Utilities Operations, Enterprise and Asset Management.

On each project we undertake, we assign a team of experts with at least 70 years of combined experience. It is from this multi-skill and multi-sector experience of our teams that we draw our long established reputation for: strong project management, robust capability for consultancies and delivery of highly-rated executive capacity building programmes and briefings on the various topics on infrastructure finance and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) throughout their lifecycles.

Become an Associate

CDA Consulting welcomes researchers, analysts and experts in all our sectors of focus and areas of our activities. If you are interested in contributing to CDA work as an Expert and/or working with CDA Consulting as a Representative, please submit a brief summary of your background and capabilities, to cda@cdaconsult.com

Eng. Peter Njaggah
Director, Technical Services - WASREB

The Programme has equipped me with the adequate skills to steer PPP projects…

Eng. James Gatitu Njuguna
Director, Road Asset & Corridor Management (KenHa)

The Programme met my expectations and I am now more informed on PPP financing .

Hon. Inusah Adbulai Fuseni
(Former) Minister of Roads and Highways, Ghana

The Programme has taught me more than what I thought PPPs were about? –  High end expertise in Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)!

Mr Theophile Matondo Mbungu
Director General – Central Bureau of Coordination- Ministry of Finance/Congo DRC

An exceptional PPP programme, heavy, detailed and offering a compact body of PPP Knowledge. – More than Value for Money……

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