Assessing Risk, Evaluating Value for Money (VfM) & Structuring Bankable PPP Contracts in Public Infrastructure. 08 – 18 April 2019. Geneva/Switzerland

This programme is designed to address the problematic faced by public authorities, in devising contractual risk structures that should guarantee the bankability and attractiveness of PPP Contracts to private investors and lenders, while offering Value for Money (VfM) to the public sector.

While numerous public infrastructure projects are in need of private investment for their implementation in PPP, the majority of these projects are facing difficulties attracting such private investment, mainly due to the lack bankability; the recourse to a PPP option as an implementation model instead of public procurement should also justify that the PPP option offers (VfM) to the public sector, subject to the maturity of the country’s PPP market.

Consequently, to reconcile these two requirements (Bankability and VfM) can be challenging.

The objective of this programme is to equip the participants with the capacity needed to develop PPP contractual risk structures that are bankable to private investors and lenders, while offering VfM to the public sector. Consequently, delegates will undertake intensive work to develop the necessary skills required to achieve this objective.

In addition to acquiring the essential knowledge on capital projects investment and financing decisions, including the technique of “project finance” and its metrics being used in the context of PPPs; participants will learn how to structure PPP Contracts that are deemed bankable to private investors and lenders: technically, economically, commercially, financially and legally.

And, to justify the value of a PPP option compared to public procurement, delegates will draw from and apply the skills acquired above; thus enabling them to determine the VfM of a PPP Option.

They will learn how to: assess risks, evaluate VfM using quantitative analysis (i.e. to Develop the Raw Public Sector Comparator (PSC), Construct the Shadow Bid, Value Risks, Adjust both cost models, Discount their Adjusted Cash flows), and integrate qualitative analysis to determine the VfM; thus enabling them to assess the value of a PPP Option Vs Public Procurement.

Delegates will be exposed to high quality presentations and discussions, coupled to practical examples and case studies covering a wide range of topics, including amongst others:

• PPP Overview: Guiding Principles & Bankability Criteria
• The PPP Cycle and the Structuring of PPP Contracts
• Risk Assessment Process in PPP Projects
• Risk Allocation Strategies and Structuring Bankable PPP Projects
• Evaluating VfM in PPP Contracts: Overview and Methodologies: Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
• Assessing PPP Option Vs Public Procurement: Quantitative Risk Valuation & Qualitative Assessment
• Using VfM as a tool in PPP decision-making : Why, When and How to use Value for Money (VfM)?
• VfM vs PPP Contract Bankability: Calibrating the Risk Structure and Striking The Right Balance?
• Practical exercises, interactive workshops and topical PPP case reviews

As part of extracurricular activities, the programme will be complemented by a guided tour of the city of Geneva, followed by a dinner.

The Programme is highly recommended to senior & middle levels executives from: National Roads & Highways Authorities, Road & Maintenance Funds, PPP Councils, PPP Units, Regulatory Agencies, PPP Contracting Authorities, PPP Nodes, Project Management Units, Water & electricity Supply Agencies; and Ministries in charge of Infrastructure, Transport, Planning, Water & Power, Finance & the Economy.

We are now taking on registrations and places are severely limited on this programme.

For the full Programme details and to Register, please contact the Programme Manager by mail to : capacitybuilding@cdaconsult.com or Tel: + 44 207 526 4891 or fax to + 44 207 526 4898.

We look forward to the participation of your delegation.