Capital Investment Projects Analysis and Financing, Structuring PPP Projects & Drafting Bidding Packages for Bankable PPP Contracts in Public Infrastructure. 27 August – 07 September 2018. London/UK

This programme is designed to provide the participants with a comprehensive body of PPP knowledge to enable them, on one hand, develop the advanced skills required to conduct the analysis of infrastructure investment projects and make financing decisions; with a focus on project finance and its applications in BOT projects.

And, on the other hand, to show participants how to apply the learned financial tools and techniques, to structure and draft bidding packages for bankable PPP contracts, in sectors such as: Roads: i.e. Toll – roads, bridges, express highways ; Water: i.e. Bulk water production, treatment & supply projects, and in Energy: i.e. Take or Pay: IPP Projects.

To reinforce the learning, delegates will be exposed to practical examples, case reviews, financial models and simulations exercises, samples bidding packages (EOI, RFP & PPP contracts) and other supports, to show – how bankable infrastructure projects are financed, structured and packaged through robust bidding packages, and – what are the key drivers of PPP contract bankability; all forming part of the programme methodology mix, which is underpinned by the fundamentals of infrastructure finance, project management and PPPs.

Delegates will learn the various techniques for structuring PPP projects and drafting bidding packages, through the following main topics, including:

• Strategic Corporate Financial Management and Understanding Financial Statements
• The Tools for Capital Investment Projects Appraisal
• Capital Investment Projects Analysis and Financing Decisions Techniques
• Understanding Public Infrastructure: Definition, Characteristics,
classifications & Financing Models
• The Project Finance model & its applications in BOT projects (in Private sector,
Public Sector & PPP Contexts)
• Overview of PPPs: Key principles, Pre-requisites, Choice Matrix, Decision
Metrics, and Bankability
• Structuring PPP Projects and Drafting Bidding Packages: Objectives, Processes
and Main Activities
• Structuring PPP projects: Technical, Economic, Financial and Legal structuring
• Market Testing, Marketing and Communications of the PPP Project
• Drafting PPP Bidding Packages: Pre-requisites, Drafting EOI/RFQ, RFP and
Drafting PPP contracts
• Special procurement Methods: Competitive dialogue, Interactive processes, and
the BAFO.
• Need for: a Data Room, and necessary checks and verifications before launching
the bidding process.

The course overview and full outline details are attached.

It is highly recommended to senior & middle levels executives from: National Roads & Highways Authorities, Road & Maintenance Funds, PPP Councils, PPP Units, Regulatory Agencies, PPP Contracting Authorities, PPP Nodes, Project Management Units, Water & electricity Supply Agencies; and Ministries in charge of Infrastructure, Transport, Planning, Water & Power, Finance & the Economy.

We are now taking on registrations and places are severely limited on this programme.

For the programme full details and to register, please contact the Programme Manager on:capacitybuilding@cdaconsult.com or fax to + 44 207 526 4898.

We look forward to the participation of your delegation.