Financing and Investment

With the current ongoing Infrastructure and Public Utilities reforms, much more geared towards the participation of the private sector in the operation, management and sometimes ownership of public utilities; It has become evident that this changing business environment requires, on the side of governments and their utilities, the understanding of the primary motives of new partners or operators’ strategic objectives in seeking an involvement in the venture.

For most organizations, maximization of long-term wealth of shareholders remains the key primary objective which is reflected in the way corporate organizations develop their strategy to reach the set objectives.

And corporate financial management is often concerned with the setting of financial objectives, planning and acquiring optimum finance to meet financial objectives, and seeing that fixed and working capital are effectively managed.

Therefore, finance is generally at the centre of all corporate strategy and decision making, dealing with core aspects such as capital budgeting, the choice of the most appropriate capital structure, the management of liquidity, in addition to the minimization of corporate tax. Further, the financial consequences of some business decisions, such as innovation, cannot be quantified, but “strategic” projects can still be usefully subjected to a financial assessment necessary for risk minimization and return maximization.

We assist senior executives in developing a detailed understanding of the principles underlying financing and investment decisions, particularly in strategic projects such as those within the infrastructure sector. We provide expertise in the various areas, including capital budgeting, financing and investment decisions, capital project appraisal and advanced investment appraisal techniques. Infrastructure Project Structuring and Financing, and PPPs are one of our areas of expertise.

Our Expertise covers:

- Capital Investment Planning and Financing Strategy
- Infrastructure Projects Structuring and Financing
- Project Finance Through Public-Private Partnerships
- Advisory on Issuance of Fixed Income financing instruments on the African Capital Markets – such as Infrastructure Revenue Bonds.
- Institutional Investors advisory on African Infrastructure Investing.