Executive Capacity Building Services

About CDA Executive Capacity Building Services
CDA Approach to Executive Capacity BuildingCDA approach to executive capacity building is two folds:A. To provide modular training programmes made of specific courses that would have an immediate a double impact and empower infrastructure and utilities decisions makers to address, in the short term, the current operational performance and the quality and levels of service challenges, while steering their infrastructure and utilities services into a strategic direction that would ensure its sustainability in the medium to the long run. The modular courses are drawn from the 5 areas listed above and are listed below.

B.To provide a few specialist topics where local expertise may be weak.

CDA Executive Capacity Building Series (ExCab) are high content, real-life classroom exercises, built through practical experience and underpinned by strong academic fundamentals.

Research-based and solution-oriented with a strong element of practicality, CDA Executive Capacity Building Programmes are designed to provide direct responses to current and short-term challenges facing our clients in their critical strategic decisions relating to infrastructure and public-private partnerships (PPPs) policy, reforms, implementation and operations; while strengthening their corporate capabilities through the continuous learning and refreshing their knowledge on the fundamentals of market economy concepts and sound management principles which should enable them to strategically improve the performance and sustain the viability of their infrastructures and services in the long term.

Topics Covered by Infrastructure Sector

We cover key topics on Infrastructure Policy, Reforms, Finance & Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), Operations, Enterprise and Asset Management.


  • Energy
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Environment & Natural Resources

Our Executive Programmes are class-room based, where all the topics covered are underpinned by strong academic fundamentals.

In collaboration with international partner organisations, and for each of the sectors we work on, our opportunity managers and teams research and develop bespoke executive programmes which are presented in the following formats:

Multi-client International Executive Capacity Building Programmes: These are Executive Programmes that attended by various infrastructure and utilities agencies, on topics that are relevant to the respective industry/sector as a whole.

In-house Executive Capacity Building Programmes: These are Executive Programmes designed for a specific client infrastructure/utility Ministry or Agency , on a specific topic to meet the specific the learning needs of its workforce.

Upon receiving a request from a Client, CDA Consulting team will undertake a TNA exercise with the client in view of ascertaining the specifications and to identify the learning aims and objectives pursued by the Client; and after, we design bespoke executive capacity building programme to meet the client’s learning needs objectives.

In-House Executive Capacity Building Programmes are a cost-effective way of disseminating and building the capacity of a larger segment of your workforce.

Typically, In-Houses programmes are designed for up to 40 middle to senior executives.

For further details on our Executive Capacity Building Programmes, please contact at: capacitybuilding@cdaconsult.com

Areas of Executive Capacity Building
Sectoral Policies & Institutional Reforms:

  • Public Infrastructure sector Policy concept & design
  • Sector diagnostic, reforms strategies and Institutional Framework Design
  • Restructuring, liberalization and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Utilities pricing and subsidy policy and design
  • Institutional Reforms, Regulation of Public Utilities & Services delivery)
  • Institutional Frameworks : Audits , Re-design and Recommendations

Infrastructure Finance and Public-private Partnerships (PPPs)Infrastructure/Utilities

  • Identification, Selection, Developing a Programmatic PPP landscape
  • PPP Framework Development: Policy, Institutional framework & Law
  • Infrastructure Investment Analysis & Feasibility assessment for PPP
  • PPP Project Risk Assessment, Valuation, Allocation and Structuring
  • Value for Money (VfM) Assessment, Affordability and Cost Benefit Analysis)
  • Project Finance & BOT Projects Structuring & Advisory for PPPs
  • Project Finance & PPP Financial Modelling
  • Revenue Bonds Advisory, Structuring and Issuance
  • PPP Procurement Advisory: Process Design, Advisory & Bid Evaluation
  • PPP Concessions Drafting and Review
  • PPP Agreement Monitoring, Auditing, Mid-Term Reviews & Renegotiations
  • PPP Project Asset Hand Back & Ex-Post Evaluations

Infrastructure/Utilities Operations, Enterprise and Asset Management

  • Utilities Due diligence and Turnaround strategies
  • Operational, Administrative and management Strategies
  • Utilities pricing and tariffs review and re-design
  • Utilities Cost Recovery strategies & best practices
  • Setting standards and performance targets
  • Benchmarking and performance improvement planning
  • Asset management, Maintenance and Capital investment planning
Executive Programmes By Infrastructure Sector
Delivery Methodology & The Faculty


Through specialised executive briefings, intensive workshops and seminars, and in association with leading institutions and business organisations worldwide; we provide bespoke executive development programmes for senior policy and decision makers in industry, commerce and government.

The programmes are delivered through:

  • High level Classroom presentations
  • Interactive Group Exercises
  • Technical Site Visits
  • Delegates Presentations

Our Faculty and Programmes Directors are specialists in the utilities sectors, covering resources planning, operations and asset management, institutional reforms, regulation, PPP, financing and Investment. They have a long established reputation for strong project management and delivery of consultancy projects and executive capacity building programmes and briefings on various topics across the utilities sectors. On each individual consultancy project and/or executive capacity building programme, our team totals on average 70 years of experience.

Upcoming Executive Programmes
Water Supply Planning, Network Operations & Performance Improvement Management.
02 – 06 September 2019. Mombasa/Kenya

Assessing Risk, Evaluation Value for Money (VfM) & Structuring Bankable PPP Contracts in Public Infrastructure
30 June – 11 July 2019. Dubai/UAE

Financement et Mise en Oeuvre des Projets d’Infrastructures Publiques en Partenariats Public-Prive.
15 – 19 October 2018. Cotonou/Benin
Capital Investment Projects Analysis and Financing, & Structuring PPP Projects and Drafting Bidding Packages for Bankable PPP Contracts in Public Infrastructure .
27 August – 07 September 2018. London/UK
Capital Investment Projects Analysis and Financing, & The Mechanics of PPP in Public Infrastructure.
09 – 20 April 2018. London/UK
Capital Investment Projects Analysis and Financing, & The Mechanics of PPP in Public Infrastructure.
21 – 25 August 2017. London/UK
Capital Investment Projects Analysis and Financing, & The Mechanics of PPP in Public Infrastructure.
29 May – 09 June 2017. Accra/Ghana.
In-house Programme held for the PPP Directorate – Ministry of Roads and Highways, Ghana.