Public Private Partnerships Technical Assistance

Public Utilities Due Diligence

We assess the viability of the Utility and establish a Situation Analysis, before a Partnership agreement is entered into.

PPP Contracts Review

We review the draft Partnership Contracts and make suggestions of the relevant amendments that are required, taking into account the sector technical, operational, business model, tariffs, regulatory considerations, financing and investment specificities, to ensure balanced and successful Partnership Agreements.

Auditing of PPP Contracts

Our PPP Contracts auditing expertise covers amongst others, the following:

1) The verification of the implementation of each article of the contract by The Public Entity in one hand, and the state on the other;

2) The audit of the implementation of PPP contracts between the National/Public Utility and the Private Sector Contractor; as well as the audit of the results achieved under the Partnership Agreement;

3) The validation of the baseline data used in setting performance targets to be achieved by the Public Utility and to adjust these targets during the implementation of the said Partnership contract;

4) To ensure the sincerity and validity of information provided by the Public Utility in its monthly and annual reports, including those used in the calculation of performance indicators set in the Partnership contract, and the verification of the calculation of each performance indicator;

5) Analysis and comments on the evolution of each indicator, the causes of the discrepancies between the results achieved and the targets; and their consequences;

6) The formulation of recommendations aimed improving the performance of the Contract and corrective actions aimed at bridging the gaps between the targets and outcomes, or to improve the relevance of the information system of the sector;

7) Monitoring the implementation of these recommendations.