Sectoral Policies & Institutional Reforms

Under Sectoral Policies and Institutional Reforms, our expertise consists in the provision of advice aimed at assisting African policy and decision makers to address the various challenges they face in respect of policy issues and reform decisions within the infrastructure and public utilities sector.

We endeavour to provide an analytical framework for grasping the various and sometimes complex sectoral policy aspects, with a view to facilitating an integrated approach to effective infrastructure and public utilities policy concept and design, and implementation. Thus, guiding the sectoral reforms decisions in a strategic, rather than in an ad-hoc manner. The ultimate goal is to achieve long term sustainability of infrastructure and public utilities services delivery.

Our expertise covers:

• Policy: Sectoral Policy Concept & Design,Planning & Implementation

• Institutional Reforms:

– Institutional Reforms Concept, Design, Planning, Implementation & Monitoring

– Restructuring, liberalization, Regulation & Public-Private Partnerships