Our Transport Executive Capacity Building Programmes cover the Following Topics:

Policy & Institutional Reforms

  • Transport Sector Policy and Planning Methods: Strategy Formulation, Analysis and Implementation
  • Strategic Institutional Reform of the Transport Sector
  • Developing a Long term Integrated National Transport Policy
  • Strategic Transport Sector Regulation
  • Developing a Sustainable Policy for Private Sector Participation in the transport Sector
  • Economic Regulation and Pricing in the Transport Sub-Sectors
  • Establishing a Transport Regulatory Authority in Transport Sub-sectors

Management and Operations

  • Managing and Operating Transport (Airport, Railways, Ports, Roads) infrastructure.
  • Transport Infrastructure Networks Development and Expansion
  • Transport Infrastructure Assets Management
  • Capital Investment Planning in the Transport Sector

Financing and Investment

  • Financing Transport Infrastructure (Airports, Ports, Rail and Roads)
  • Project Finance Structuring of PPP Projects in the Transport sector
  • Fixed Income Markets Development: Capital Investment financing of Transport Infrastructure in frican Domestic Capital Markets

Contracts Management

  • Transport Utilities Due Diligence
  • PPP Contracts Auditing
  • Contracts Supervision